The County of Sussex

Sussex is a county based in South East of England. Sussex shares a border with Kent, Hampshire and Surrey. The county is spilt into East and West Sussex. Sussex has a long history within literature, many world famous writers and poets were either born and had links to Sussex including Rudyard Kipling, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Hilaire Belloc. Sussex has a sport heritage, sports that are popular are cricket the lesser known sport of Stoolball, Horseracing, Show jumping and Football. The popular dessert Banoffee Pie was created in the Sussex village of Jevington. The population is around 1,609,500. Brighton which was formerly a town is now a city. Often referred to my locals as ” London on the sea” Brighton has a wealth of shops, businesses and a large shopping mall and was the home of George iv. Other major towns include Eastbourne, Uckfield, Horsham & Chichester.